Wondrous Machine

As part of the education at The Game Assembly, my group and I built the custom engine Wondrous Machine to be used for all of the projects in the second year.

The Engine was built using C++ and used DirectX11 as its graphics API. For the various tools in the engine we used the Dear ImGui library.

Features as of Game project 6:

  • Deferred rendering with full PBR model

  • Skeletal animations with blending

  • Entity Component System using the entt library

  • Exporting of levels created in Unity

  • Construction of navmeshes exported from Unity

  • Pathfinding with smoothing using Simple Stupid Funnel Algorithm

  • Framework for easy ability to create tools for tweaking gameplay elements

Features as of Game project 7:

  • Baking of navmeshes and pathfinding using the recast & detour library

  • Full level editor functionality (read more here)

  • Physics handled by PhysX

  • Visual scripting using the imnodes extension of Dear ImGui