Other Projects


The warden

​Main contributions:

  • Player Grappling hook mechanics

  • Player acceleration and momemtum mechanics

  • Cutscene system

  • Lore stones with simple commands parsed from a text file for controlling the speed of the text and other things

This was the fourth game project at The Game Assembly and my second game written in C++. I worked on a mix of some gameplay elements and some more system oriented things.


Stella Marina

​Main contributions:

  • Spritesheet animation system

  • Collision system

  • UI button functionality

  • Intro sequence

This was the first actual game that I worked on using C++ and with it came a lot of new challenges regarding the structure of the code base and such that we didn't have to worry about when using unity. But i really enjoyed the challenges and this might be the project that taught me the most new things regarding game development!


  • Engine: Unity

  • Genre: Mobile puzzle game

  • Time: 6 weeks half time

​Main contributions:

  • Light puzzle

  • ​Mirrors and lenses to redirect light beams

The second project was a mobile puzzle game made in Unity. Building towards a mobile platform was certainly interesting, especially with our unorthodox control scheme of physically moving around the phone in order to look around (there was also a mode for dragging around the camera), which presented quite some challenges input wise.



  • Engine: Unity

  • Time: 6 weeks half time

​Main contributions:

  • Bezier curve tool

  • Player running mechanics

  • Camera movement using curves in level select

This was the first game project at The Game Assembly as well as my very first proper game and it was really fun to work on, especially since this was the only project in the first year we worked on on site, the rest was on remote.