I really enjoy participating in game jams and have so far joined and submitted a finished game in three jams so far.

While they might not always bring the most complex mechanics or produce the cleanest code, I still love game jams because they force you approach the game making progress in a different way than I am used to, they push yourself to get things working WAY quicker than normal and to have really good teamwork. They also allow me to try working with different areas than programming since I have mostly had other programmers as team mates which is really fun, but I think I'll stick to coding for now though :).

All of the jam games were made in Unity and have a playable web-build on Itch.io.

Underworld Postal Service

Jam: Ludum Dare 48

Theme: Deeper and Deeper

Time: 72 hours

Team size: 2

Game: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/underworld-postal-service

I mostly worked on all of the mechanics related to the handling of the letters on the bottom of the screen and the delivery process itself.

Since it was the main part of the actual gameplay I spent a lot of time trying to make it feel as nice to use as possible.

I also worked on some smaller things such as the counter in the top showing the amount of letters left and the exlamation marks showing available letters.


Jam: GMTK Game Jam 2021

Theme: Joined together

Time: 48 hours

Team size: 3

Game: https://beepboopcereal.itch.io/raft

I spent a lot of time working on the AI for the sharks which for some reason really wanted to bug out a lot and constantly get stuck. I also worked on the level generation which changes the rates of which certain items spawn as time progresses. 


Jam: Ludum Dare 49

Theme: Unstable

Time: 72 hours

Team size: 4

Game: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/49/physos


I created the basic general interface for handling input for all of the files that allowed the specific file types to respond to actions such as clicking, hovering and holding. I also built the intro sequence of starting up the computer and logging in.

Let them eat fist

Jam: TGA game jam 2022

Theme: Princess

Time: 24 hours (3 school days)

Team size: 6

Game: https://beepboopcereal.itch.io/let-them-eat-fist


I mostly worked on the different enemy types and their AI. I also created the combo meter that increased when killing enemies, decayed after a time of not killing an enemy, and gave the player a damage boost when reaching a certain threshhold.

We had a lot of fun this project with using ourselves as both the enemies and the different player characters.